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Pretty Love Abner Vibrating Egg Review - Can It Be Even More Exciting?

You don't even feel like you have it in you.

It's installed inside, and until it turns on, you have little idea of ​​its existence.

But when it turns on, it immediately starts twitching with you and overwhelms you with a wave of pleasure.

What could be even easier and more exciting?


Like a feather

I love vibrating eggs mainly for their size.

They are small, inconspicuous and easily portable.

Despite their size, however, they can replace more than one type of unnecessarily large vibrating toy.

Inside the package there is a toy, a charging cable and a manual.

I prefer if I can read something about the products before buying.

In this case, however, I did not learn much from the packaging itself.

All that's written here is Bluetooth connection information and some basic information, which is a shame.


I picked up a vibrating egg and the first thing that fascinated me was its lightness.

As if it were hollow and there was nothing hidden inside. I definitely haven't held a lighter toy of this type yet.

It is very soft to the touch - it is made of medical silicone.

If I were to compare its size to anything, it's about as long as an index finger.

A thin and sufficiently long string climbs out of the toy to help with removal.

At the end of the string is a kind of button that emits a red light when turned on.

Switching on is very easy, just hold down the button on the egg, which shows small ripples.

Vibration programs are further switched by pressing quickly.

Pretty Love Abner offers 12 vibration programs, that's just for me.

Among the vibration programs, I found those that I do not see often. I found the originals and I enjoyed them all the more.

I take that as a huge plus.


As I pushed the toy in, I felt a pleasant pressure.

The egg held it in place, I didn't just have to lie down or stand. Even in sitting or other positions, it held up nicely and did not try to get out.

I tried every vibration and each sooner or later brought me to the top.

As a vibrating egg, it did not disappoint and met all my requirements.

But this little miracle is especially unique in that it can be controlled remotely.

I forced my partner to download the app according to the manual, and we tried it at the first opportunity.


Application to orgasms

The application is in English. If you are not very proficient in languages, it will be a bit difficult.

After downloading the application, just turn on Bluetooth and the egg.

The mobile phone searches for it and connects.

The control range is 5 meters, which is quite a satisfactory distance.

The application offers 3 options:

  • vibration control,
  • vibration generation,
  • vibration with music.


To control the vibration, just touch the icon on the screen - simple.

Click on another icon to change the vibration.


The second option is to create vibrations.

I enjoyed it the most!

Vibration is created by swiping your finger across the screen.

You can move intensely or more slowly and the toy will follow your move on the screen.

I and my partner enjoyed this phone game, we almost didn't want to stop playing it.


The last function is vibration to the rhythm.

Just choose one of the offered songs.

After it starts, the vibrations also start and vibrate to the beat.

As a music lover, I really appreciated this feature!

I met something like this for the first time and I hope not for the last time.

Great and innovative idea.


If you love when you don't have full control over your masturbation, Abner is definitely a toy for you.

It suited me in every way.

It is light, powerful and offers regular and original vibrating programs.

The application is in English, but it is very easy to use.

It will just as easily lead you to orgasm.

The only thing that bothered me about this toy was that it could not be switched other than by phone.

So if you are not irritating your clitoris or nipple, you will not switch the vibration inside yourself by simply pressing a button.

So always make sure that you have a sufficiently charged phone even with the egg.

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