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Penis sleeves

You can play a big theater even with a little prankster, but why not cut a straight big stage at the National Theater accompanied by an orgasmic orchestra. Penis sleeves will help you have the best sex you've ever had together. You can also use finger sleeves or testicle sleeves (stretchers).

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Penis sleeves intensify the experience of both participants in sex games. In men, they stimulate the penis, lengthen and emphasize the erection, while in women, protrusions of various shapes irritate the clitoris, the inside of the vagina and the anus, so they achieve breathtaking orgasmic experiences.

Sleeves are not necessarily just to enlarge the penis. Their main function can be extra stimulation with various bristles and folds.

There are various designs to choose from.

From realistic with every fold like on a real penis through a gel with a ribbed surface to XXL pieces that make a penis a real log. In length and width as she likes.

The penis sleeves are easy to put on with holes and hold them in place. You can safely unwind in bed.

We recommend using a lubricating gel with the sleeve, because your counterpart may not be used to such a size.

Some models add up to 10 centimeters and have distinctive acorns for even more intense pleasure.

In the menu you will also find vibrating penis sleeves, which add another dimension of pleasure.

Or look for a double-stimulated penis sleeve that irritates your partner's clitoris during sex.

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